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 4.   The "look and feel" of a FladsClassifieds website

The look of a FladsClassifieds website is handled by the "View" files.

At minimum, you will customize style sheet, plus maybe, page header and footer. Depending on the "View directory" you configured in the Administer website configuration page / Display Settings section / View directory item, the files that hold style sheet, page header and footer, are the following:

If you make changes to those files, be sure to save them before upgrades. And after upgrades, make sure to adapt them to the new release before restoring them.

If you want to customize "View" files other that header, footer and style sheet or if you just prefer to have your own "View" files, FladsClassifieds allows you to define another set of "View" files. Details on how to create your own set of "View" files in Appendix B.