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 Appendix B   "View" files

"View" files contain the statements to render the web pages. In addition, FladsClassifieds stores the main stylesheet file together with the "View" files.

How to create a new set of "View" files

Follow the steps below to create your own set of "View" files :

Once you have created your own set of "View" files, do not forget to adapt them when you apply a FladsClassifieds upgrade.

How to customize the display of advertisements

FladsClassifieds allows you to customize the "View" files used for posting/editing an advertisement and the "View" files used to display advertisement list and advertisement details.

Those files are the following:

  1. system/application/views/Fl_ads/post1.php (used to display the post/edit an advertisement form)
  2. system/application/views/Fl_ads/post2.php (used to display the post/edit an advertisement form)
  3. system/application/views/Fl_ads/post3.php (used to display the post/edit an advertisement form)
  4. system/application/views/Fl_ads/ads_body.php (used to display the list of the advertisements in a category)
  5. system/application/views/Fl_ads/ads_details_body.php (used to display advertisement details)

In addition, 2.), 4.) and 5.) can be made specific to a category. For example,
system/application/views/Fl_ads/ads_body_75.php will be used only for category whose ID is 75.


Category specific "View" files are considered first. For example, suppose you have set your "View" files in the system/application/views/my_theme directory. Then, when FladsClassifieds displays advertisements for category whose ID is 75, it will search the "View" files in the order shown below and it will use the first file it finds:


If a "View" file in the default "View" directory (system/application/views/Fl_ads/) suits you, you do not have to copy it in your "View" directory.